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50 to go for free UK Delivery*

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50 to go for free UK Delivery*


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50 to go for free UK Delivery*

Cube Tile Overlap 48" - 52" Liner

  • Replacement Swimming Pool Liners come in many different grades & patterns. We have chosen the GLP range of above ground swimming pool liners for their excellent quality & value.

Ref: 4972

Total Price: 169.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Cube Tile Overlap 48
Detailed Description
Swimming Pool Liners

These replacement swimming pool Liners are suitable for all sizes of the following pools:
Equinox , Regatta & Regatta II, Topaz, Reprieve, Oracle, Trevi 205, Summer Days.

These liners have a material thickness of:
Wall - 17 thou thick Virgin Vinyl
Floor - 13 thou thick Virgin Vinyl

Remember if you do not see your pool in the above list, just look for your pools corresponding size and wall height for the best match.

The Liners are designed to be suitable for 48" or 52" Deep overlap pools.

Please Note - Due to the nature of the product, this is a NON-RETURN product if the liner has been un-wrapped.

Please ensure the air temperature is at least 15 degree's centigrade before trying to install this type of stretch-in liner. The hotter the better as the final fit will depend greatly on maximising the stretch of the material.

This liner fitting is a 2 to 4 man job - please do not try this with 1 person.

Please note that all warranty claims on liners are only valid if any fault is found on a welded manufactured seam. All the liners are reverse inflated when manufactured to ensure water tightness, so no warranty can be accepted for holed liners.


Liner Installation Instructions:
Choose a hot sunny day to replace your liner.

Leave your new liner in a conservatory or in a very warm spot to get the boxed liner as warm as possible before unpacking.

Always prepare your pool ready to accept the new liner by very carefully sweeping the pool floor to remove all loose debris. Ideally this should be done without wearing shoes.

As per your pool installation instructions, form the appropriate sized cove or install your Easy Cove at the bottom of the pool wall. The coving is a vital part in ensuring a lock is formed at the bottom of your pool. An inadequate cove will result in liner or pool failure.

Install your pool floor felt if you have chosen that optional extra, the floor felt will protect your liner from abrasive damage from the floor of your pool, and give a soft feel underfoot. It will also soften any sudden impact with the pool floor.

Ensure your pool top pack is secure, and there are no sharp edges to damage your new liner, use gaffer tape if necessary to cover sharp edges or joints. You will be required to drape your overlap liner over the top pack of the pool so please check everything is safe and secure first.

Always unpack your liner in the cleaned prepared pool, and position the liner so that the wall to floor seam is equal all the way around, at this stage you should have half the liners pool wall draped over your pool top to allow the liner to just touch the pool floor in the middle (remember the idea is to stretch the liner into the pool using the weight of water).

Make sure you have a person to cover each section of the wall as when the pool starts to fill the water will try and force the liner over the pool top pack and into the pool, therefore, it is vital to control this with as many people as you can muster.

Start filling the pool, at this stage there should be 1 person inside the pool trying to move out any excess liner material to the edges and ensuring they control the helpers outside the pool to release or hold the liner as necessary.

Once the pool water is 4 - 6 inches deep the liner should now be touching the pool walls, at this stage it is recommended to VERY CAREFULLY remove a section at a time of the pools top pack, and install the liner into its final fitted position. As you work your way around the pool you will be able to tighten up the liner on the wall to give the best fit possible.

Once the liner is fully installed under the pools top pack you can continue to fill your pool up to its normal water level.

Any excess liner material on the outside of the pool can now be very carefully trimmed or rolled/folded up to finish the liner installation.

Professional tip:
If you do hole the liner (which does often happen) the application of a patch on the underside of the liner will give you a completely invisible repair. If it is a larger tear then simply patch both sides to re-enforce the repair. A repaired patch should last as long as the new liner, but as these patches can also be applied underwater, it is a simple process once the water is WARM to re-apply.
Stock & Delivery
This product is dispatched direct from our suppliers on a 1-3 day delivery.

Delivery - Mainland UK
We currently achieve a next working day delivery rate of 98.5% on all stock orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday. Please be aware that orders processed after 3pm on Thursdays will be processed and dispatched on Friday for Monday delivery. This does not include Bank Holidays, which are classed as non-working days. Should you require a Saturday delivery or have any other delivery enquiries, please email dispatch@ukpoolstore.co.uk who will respond to your request quickly.

Try to include your mobile phone number in the checkout area so that our delivery drivers can contact you should they need any further assistance or clarification in delivering your order.

Please ensure you leave detailed information if your delivery address is hard to find or a new housing development. If you know there is a possibility of missing the delivery, you can at the checkout stage leave instructions for the delivery driver to leave without signature and place your goods with a neighbour or in a discreet place out of sight for your later retrieval.

Please note some areas including Scotland (post codes KW,IV,HS), Isle of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man will need extra carriage.


If you are unable to thoroughly check your delivery upon receipt, sign for it as UNCHECKED. If the package is damaged in any way, no matter how small, please sign for it as DAMAGED. We CANNOT CLAIM from our carriers for any damaged items that have not been signed for as UNCHECKED or DAMAGED.

If you sign for a delivery as OK, which you later find to be damaged, our carriers WILL NOT accept liability and you may be charged for the damaged items, in this case a delivery charge for replacement items WILL be made.
Warranty & Returns
These Products have a 1 year warranty.

Please Note - Due to the nature of the product, this is a NON-RETURN product if the liner has been un-wrapped.

Should you require any further information, please email info@ukpoolstore.co.uk where we will respond to your request quickly.
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