What’s new in 2015?

What’s new in 2015?

Rising temperatures and blossom mean just one thing for pool lovers – it is opening time! So to help you on your way, we have revived and updated last year’s pool opening checklist, so you can be up and running in time for the summer sun.

Before you peel back the cover, however, the few months has seen some very interesting new products become available, which can help you reduce costs and stay safe. Pool opening is always the best time to upgrade your facility, so here are a few great offerings to look out for.

Smart Pumps

Energy prices may well be falling, but wasting energy is still wasting money. That’s why the development of smart pool pumps is so important. Smart pumps vary their speed according to the needs of your pool, which means they use less electricity and can last longer.

If your pump is towards the end of its life, replacement product like Pentair’s Sta-Rite Variable Speed Pump can reduce your electricity bill and  and provide years of trouble free use.

If your pump is relatively new, then you can achieve the same goal by installing a pool pump inverter. Offerings like the Clever-Pool Swimming Pool Pump Inverter offers the same benefits and can pay for itself in two to three years of purchase.

Both of the above options not only save money, but also allow you to do a more powerful backwash, which is great for your filter and water quality, and extend the life of your pump!


Save your Back

Another great innovation this year are the Monaco’s new Reel Systems. Supplied in three grades they can handle heavier covers without slipping, making them easier to remove. As well as sparing your back, now almost any family member can peel back the cover from your pool.

Monaco Premiem Geared 5 Spoke Reel System

Safety First

When it comes to health and safety, two new products have caught my eye.  Rollaway’s 1.2 metre Safety Fencing offers improved safety with visibility at a great price. And you can back that up with an Immerstar Pool Alarm, which meets France’s strict safety guidelines and provides 24/7 monitoring of your pool.

Immerstar Pool Alarm

Accurate Dosage

Finally, the AccuWeigh Pool Chemical Digital Measuring Scoop enables you to measure your chemicals accurately every time. Combine this with a Spring Pool Start-Up Kit – giving an additional 10% saving over our already low prices – and you will soon be enjoying clear sparking waters.

Accuweigh Digital Scoop

Finally, find Bliss in Bubbles

If there’s one thing that kids love more than YouTube, it’s splashing around with their friends on a hot summer day. When the evening comes, though, it’s great to have a quiet warm place to enjoy an ice cold beer or a glass of wine.

This requires something a bit more “grown-up”, so this year why not create your own place of retreat, by treat yourself to a Soho Inflatable Spa. Inflatable Spas are easy to install and maintain and provide a luxurious way to while away the summer evenings.

You deserve it, so order online today and receive a free Spa Pool Start-up Kit to help make you water fresh and clean.

Soho Inflatable Spa


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