Weather Forcast for week Commencing 4th August

Swimming Weather ?- at least the kids will grin & bear it :)

As one low moves away towards Scandinavia the next low is gaining momentum in the Atlantic.

Monday looks like a reasonable day of sunny spells and scattered, mainly light, showers with a north-westerly breeze. Later in the day the next Atlantic low will bring wind, rain, hill and coastal fog to the southwest of England.

These conditions will spread across the rest of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and later southern Scotland during the day on Tuesday, with humid conditions in the south. The low is still with us on Wednesday, which will bring further rain or showers for many parts of the UK.

Thursday sees the low moving off the northeast coast of Scotland, bringing a windy day for all. Northerly winds will bring a cool feel to things with persistent rain in northern Scotland. Elsewhere, there will be sunny spells and blustery showers.

As the low continues to pull away a transient ridge of high pressure will bring a brief respite for Friday but developing systems in the Atlantic will probably bring more rain for the coming weekend.

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