Weather Forcast for week Commencing 25th August

A generally good week – Swimming weather is back :)

Starting the week with a Bank Holiday is not a great way to guarantee dry weather, but actually for southern parts of the UK it looks as if the influence of an area of high pressure over the near continent will be enough to prevent anything but the most slightest rainfall.
Sunshine is likely to be in short supply, but despite this and a fairly brisk south-westerly breeze it should feel warm.
Further north, the difficult bit will be tracking the movement of a weather front as it waves back and forth bringing occasional spells of rain.
Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northwest England are the areas most likely to see any significant rain but even here we’re unlikely to see a repeat of the torrential downpours of recent weeks.
The weather looks much more settled for the end of the week with a south-westerly airstream bringing a rise in temperature as sunshine breaks through, especially across eastern areas.

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