Weather Forcast for week Commencing 18th August

Swimming Weather ?- Can’t say that it is :(

A deep area of low pressure to the southwest of Ireland will slowly track north-eastwards to lie over southwest Norway by Wednesday. From Thursday onwards, the likelihood is that another, shallower feature will take its place to keep the unsettled theme going.

Fronts associated with the initial low will provide something of a double whammy of rainfall across many parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Given the saturated ground in some areas, localised flooding cannot be ruled out. Winds will also be a feature of the weather early in the period, particularly in southwest England where gales are possible.

Rain will tend to give way to showers during the middle of the week. Wednesday offers the prospect of fewer showers with some spots managing to stay dry all day. Showers will, however, return on Thursday.

Temperatures through the period are only likely to be close to or slightly below the seasonal average, especially in the wetter spots. Sunshine amounts will also be disappointing.

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