Weather Forcast for week Commencing 11th August

Back to the good old British Summer :(

Showers or longer spells of rain will dominate all parts as an area of low pressure drifts from west of Ireland to the northern North Sea.

By the second half of the week, the feature’s central pressure will be below 987mb, reasonably deep for the time of year. Fronts and troughs in its circulation will only add to the unsettled feel.

After a breezy start to the week, the wind will become a significant part of the weather story, with strong to gale force winds across Northern Ireland, Wales and England through Wednesday.

Temperatures will start the week close to the seasonal norm but will lean towards the cool end of the spectrum as sunshine amounts disappoint and the wind will veer north-west later in the week.

On the subject of rainfall, it looks as though all areas will get more than their fair share and further localised flooding cannot be ruled out.

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