Weather Forcast for the week of 23rd June

The Weather Is Unsettled

The last week of June starts with a weather pattern more akin to early spring or autumn. An unusually deep low has tracked across the British Isles, bringing gales to the north of the British Isles and gusts in excess of 60mph. A period of heavy rain accompanied the low, but will have cleared all parts as the low tracks towards Scandinavia.

A transient ridge will offer a quieter spell of weather to southern Britain early in the period but further lows will maintain an unsettled look to the weather across northern Britain and Northern Ireland.

Scattered showers in Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland on Monday may well be the extent of the rainfall for the day. Thereafter, rain will move into western areas of the British Isles on Tuesday to become confined to Scotland by Wednesday. Another area of rain will move into Scotland and Northern Ireland on Thursday before showers take over on the lead-in to the weekend.

Temperatures will peak in the low 20s Celsius in southern England, close to the seasonal average. Temperatures in the north will be closer to the mid-teens, also near par for late June.

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