Earlier this year we had a request from a serving member of the Armed forces to enquire if there was the possibility of supplying F.O.C a Swimming Pool for an operational base in Basra, Iraq!


Not our usual enquiry on our email, but sending back and forth a few emails, it was evident that the guys were operating in temperatures of +45 – 50 degrees helping with the ongoing reconstruction of Iraq.


So as our company charity is Help for Heroes we thought it would be a good idea to help. We asked our staff for their input, and eventually came up with an extensive list of goodies to send, including inflatable pool toys, Chairs, floats! We shipped the goods via RAF Brize Norton in early July, and the Pool and extra’s arrived on the 17th July.



 We then waited for the ‘my pools gone green what do I do’? scenario, but we were more than surprised, and very pleased to receive these pictures of the guys appreciating the gift.








 So this now begs the question – how many soldier’s can you fit in a 12′ diameter 30″ deep Intex frame Pool?


Looks like 12 is the current record!  




In keeping with this Summers theme of 2008 Beijing Olympics we are proud to present the following specialist categories from the Basra Container Cube!


The Olympic Gold for …the 3 Meter Freestyle Diving whilst avoiding crab men into slightly BROWN water ……Goes to!







The Olympic Gold for ….the 2 tread ladder controlled belly Flopping into 30 inches of water (ish)….Goes to!






Olympic Container Cube organisers today reported that spectator attendance figures to the Cube were better than expected, as long as you enjoyed the UKPS England Chairs!








And Finally a big thank you to the organisers of the Basra Container Cube Olympics, without their constant vigilance we are sure someone would have had a pool side accident, so a big thank you to the Life Guards.


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