The Olympic Pools are now brown and it’s sad to see

2016 was a year that saw a lot of different highs and lows. One particular high was definitely the summer Olympics in Rio. At the time, you may have seen our blog about the swimming pools turning green, which we thought was caused by an outbreak of algae, most likely due to a mistake by a worker. Well, the olympic pools have gone again, and this time it’s worse than green.

After triumphant events like the Olympic games, it’s always very sad to see the facilities being left to go down hill and decrepit. Just have a look at the ski jumps and luge track from Sarajevo or the canoe/kayak stadium from Athens photographed in this Huffpost article for examples. For us here at UK Pool Store, we find it particularly sad to see the demise of the swimming pools. For someone with a love of all things ‘pool’, it’s sad to see such great venues and great pools get emptied and go unused.


So over to Rio then, and it’s very sad to see the state of the Barra Aquatic Centre, which has now been completely abandoned and the pool left to turn to a horrible brown soup. However, this was always the plan as the Olympic Aquatics Stadium in the Barra Olympic Park was always meant to just be a temporary structure.


It doesn’t make the pictures of the murky brown pool any less horrible for fans of crystal clear waters though!

Of course, if your pool has been closed up, we hope that you followed our guide to closing your pool to protect it when left over the winter. It’s nearly time to get the pool back open again and we’ll be on hand with a guide, and all the chemicals and equipment you need to kick start your pool back to life this spring.


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