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Pool Opening Guide 2017

2017 Pool Opening Guide It’s that time of year again when we’re finally seeing the last of the winter weather, spring is well under way and the summer sun seems to be just around the corner. April’s weather has been somewhat changeable, … Continue reading

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Water testing on holiday

“The water in Majorca don’t taste like what it oughta!” In 1985 an advert for brewing giants, Heineken, used the phrase seen above to promote their beer’s ability to refresh like no other. Whether that’s true or not I can’t … Continue reading

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Why the Olympic pool water went green – and how to avoid it!

If, like us here at UK Pool Store, you can’t take your eyes off the Olympics again this year (and of course especially the swimming pool based events) you’ll have noticed recently that the pool water degenerated from crystal blues … Continue reading

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Autumn weather? Don’t close the pool just yet!

Where did the summer go, folks?! At the time of writing, we’ve had some absolutely miserable weather, which is a real shame; not the August we’ve been hoping for! I suspect many of you reading this may be thinking that … Continue reading

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Smart Pumps – Reduce bills, save the environment and keep a clean pool

Pumping out the Waste What would you say if I told you that by making one small change to your pool you could save a significant amount per year? Not only that, but you would reduce your carbon footprint whilst … Continue reading

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Save our swimming pools, urge doctors

DOCTORS yesterday called on councils to stop closing local swimming pools and invest in community sports facilities. The British Medical Association has thrown its weight behind calls for an expansion of community sports provision in a bid to boost activity … Continue reading

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Water works for joint pain

The benefits of hydrotherapy to sore muscles and stiff joints is immeasurable HYDROTHERAPY MEANS different things to different people. In the so-called wellness industry, luxuriating in swimming pools with hot and cold water jet sprays and jacuzzis is sometimes referred … Continue reading

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