Super G+ Goes from Strength to Strength

  The world of Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners is as some of you may have found, a complete mine field.

But amidst all the various options, and arguments over Suction verses Boost pump cleaner, one seems to be able to tick almost all the box’s, and come up trumps. The Baracuda Super G+ is the total pool cleaning package. It is versatile enough to work in Concrete Swimming Pools, Tiled Swimming Pools and is especially adept at cleaning liner swimming pools. All that is needed is a pool circulation pump of 3/4 Horse power or above.

The Baracuda Super G+ even comes with its own in-line leaf trap, which will       reduce the need to empty the pump basket of leaves & debris. This in-line leaf trap is ideal in the spring time, when the risk of the pumps impellor being jammed up with leaf debris which has broken down during the winter months is greatest. As I am sure we are all aware, swimming pool pumps are not cheap, so anything that helps to protect them is surely a good thing.


 The Baracuda Super G+ also comes with a complete set of sectional hoses (12 in all), and is ideal for pools up to 40 feet in length. The Super G+ also has the advantage over it’s rivals by only having one serviceable moving part, the long life diaphragm. This easily replaced rubber diaphragm creates the dynamic thrust to power the Super G+ all around your swimming pool in a fast and efficient way. The average pool can be cleaned in a few hours and as the Super G+ is water powered from your pools own circulation pump it is totally safe, and can be left in to work while you are swimming or even when the pools solar cover is on.

Follow this link to see for yourself the full range of Zodiac Pool Cleaners we have in stock.

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