Still time to get the trunks out! It’s the end of summer but not the end for swimming

The first of September probably came around a little too quick for those who love the Summer. And especially those who enjoy a little outdoor swim in the warm sunshine. Not that we’ve seen much of that this Summer!
But don’t fret. The cold snap hasn’t drifted in quite yet. We’ve put together some ideas that will see you swimming into Autumn.

Enjoy your local Lido

Enjoying a swim at your local Lido seems like such a British thing to do, doesn’t it? Well that’s because the nation became obsessed with Lido’s and outdoor swimming in the 1920’s and 1930’s, for tanning, health and fitness. The public’s interest in swimming outdoors hasn’t changed that much. Lido’s are just as popular today.
We’ve handpicked a few stand-out Lido’s you should visit, come rain or shine

1. London Fields Lido, Hackney
It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, this generous 50m pool offers heating and is open all year round. They also have an extensive timetable catered for adults and kids.

2. Jubilee Pool. Penzance
Want to enjoy a fresh seawater swim in a beautiful Art Deco setting? Then the Jubilee pool is right up your lane. But hurry, only open until late September.

3. Pells Pool, East Sussex
As one of the oldest documented freshwater outdoor public swimming pools in the UK, this is one you can hardly miss.

Remember: If you’re worried about the levels of chlorine in public pools, then don’t panic. We have you covered. Our AquaChek Chlorine/ph/Total Alkalinity Test Strips are the best way to determine safety levels.

Swim in nature

Fancy going on a swimming adventure? There are plenty of natural reserves and freshwater lakes and rivers to have an explorative swim, or a paddle, across the country. And the good thing about being nature is that it’s free!
If you want a bracing swim and soak up some beautiful scenery, then we would recommend taking the plunge in Lake Windermere – the largest natural lake in the UK.

Wild Swimming have fantastic recommendations on the best places to swim, and even have a community map contributed by wild swimmers. So, whether it’s a lake, river, sea or pond, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Remember: Kids enjoy swimming outside too! We have a range of inflatables, such as the
Monster Truck and Giant Tyre Tube which are great fun for the children to play with. For peace of mind and additional safety, we also stock a life ring. So, you can swim and be safe, wherever you are.

Feeling competitive?

Why not enjoy a swim and win a race at the same time? Okay, so it might not be a leisurely swim, but if you want a proper workout and push yourself to the limits, then there are loads of opportunities, in the UK and abroad, to get involved in. There also a great way to raise money for charity.
We’ve highlighted 3 in the UK you could enter or watch out for, but there are tonnes more coming up, which you can find here

1. Aspire Night Swim
What is it? The chance to swim in open water at night for the Aspire charity, supporting people with spinal cord injury. You can choose 3 distance options.
Where and when? Wallingford, Oxfordshire on the 30th September.

2. 10 Swims in 10 days
What is it? Swim 2.4 miles, every day, for 10 days.
Where and when? Dorney Lake, Windsor on the 4th October

3. Fireworks 500
What is it? Swimmers can race or take a leisurely 500m lap on this night swim
When and where? Capernwray Dive Centre, Lancaster on the 1st November

Don’t forget…

Whether you’re swimming at home or abroad on your holidays, make sure that you think about safety. Of course, you’re not going to need to test the water if you’re planning to take a dip outdoors, but it’s always handy to have a water tester with you when you’re visiting public pools. Just in case.

Our recommendation?

One of the most advanced water testing product is the eXact iDip Smart Photometer. For those with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch (sorry Androids) this photometer provides complete connectivity with your devices. All you need to do is download the app, wait 20 seconds and test. It’s that simple.

We stock the eXact iDip Smart Photometer on our website as well as other water testing kits that will keep your water healthy and pool clean all year round.

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