Weather Forcast for week Commencing 4th August

Swimming Weather ?- at least the kids will grin & bear it :)

As one low moves away towards Scandinavia the next low is gaining momentum in the Atlantic.

Monday looks like a reasonable day of sunny spells and scattered, mainly light, showers with a north-westerly breeze. Later in the day the next Atlantic low will bring wind, rain, hill and coastal fog to the southwest of England.

These conditions will spread across the rest of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and later southern Scotland during the day on Tuesday, with humid conditions in the south. The low is still with us on Wednesday, which will bring further rain or showers for many parts of the UK.

Thursday sees the low moving off the northeast coast of Scotland, bringing a windy day for all. Northerly winds will bring a cool feel to things with persistent rain in northern Scotland. Elsewhere, there will be sunny spells and blustery showers.

As the low continues to pull away a transient ridge of high pressure will bring a brief respite for Friday but developing systems in the Atlantic will probably bring more rain for the coming weekend.

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Britain’s ‘best’ tap waters named

Water supplied by Severn Trent has been named Britain’s best tasting tap water by a panel of food and drink experts.

The panel, including Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, gave 10 firms’ samples a mark out of five for clarity, smell and most importantly taste.

One panellist described water from Severn Trent, which covers large parts of the Midlands and mid-Wales, as like “a mountain stream of freshness”.

Anglian Water was second, Thames Water was third but Wessex Water came last.

Judges gave marks in a blind taste test at the Chelsea-based restaurant Tom’s Kitchen in London.

Mr Aikens described Severn Trent Water as having a “clean taste” and being “very fresh”.

Richard Rotti, head of wines at Annabel’s and a panellist, said the water was “beautifully pure, a mountain stream of freshness”.

Severn Trent said it took the production of high quality drinking water seriously.

The company covers Birmingham, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Nottingham, Leicester and parts of mid-Wales.

Anglian Water, which covers East Anglia and parts of the East Midlands, was placed second.

In third place was Thames Water, which covers Oxfordshire, London, Wiltshire, north Kent, Thames Valley and Surrey.

The British Soft Drinks Association said the survey showed that each type of water had a different taste – and stressed that was true of bottled water too.

“Bottled water has the added advantage of being naturally pure and not treated with chemicals. Over 30 million people in the UK choose to drink bottled water knowing it is completely traceable and comes from fully sustainable sources.”

The tasting competition was set up to celebrate the launch of a new initiative from the environmental group Green Thing.

The Drink Tap campaign will encourage people to stop drinking bottled water and switch to tap water during August.

1. Severn Trent Water
2. Anglian Water
3. Thames Water
4. Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
5. Southern Water
6. Scottish Water
7. South West Water
8. Yorkshire Water
9. United Utilities
10. Wessex Water
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Weather Forcast for week Commencing 28th July

Swimming Weather – at least for a while longer :)

A complex low, centred to the west of the British Isles looks set to be the dominant feature of this week’s weather.

A succession of fronts will bring an initial, thundery breakdown in the recent hot spell, with other frontal systems maintaining an unsettled look to the period.

As a westerly airflow becomes established, so showers or longer spells of rain will affect northern and western areas, with the best of any drier and brighter spells to be found in the south and east.

There will be high temperatures this week across the Midlands. East Anglia and the southeast of England could reach 30C but there will be a general decline in all areas, most marked in Northern Ireland.

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Weather Forcast for week Commencing 21st July

Finally – Swimming Weather! :)

Apart from a little rain in the northwest of the UK early in the period most places will be fine and dry.
Atmospheric pressure will rise steadily day by day, peaking midweek and then falling back. As pressure rises, the winds will ease, continental air will drift across the country and there will be some lengthy spells of sunshine. With these conditions it will feel quite warm.
Thursday looks like the warmest day of this spell, with 17C in Stornoway, a warm 22C in Glasgow and a very warm 26C in London. However, by early Friday conditions will break down as some thundery rain begins to spread in from the west.
As the weekend develops we’ll lose the continental air and as westerly winds pick up, the Atlantic influence will return.

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We are delighted to announce the incorporation of HELP For HEROES campaign onto our website.
As an ex-Army man of over 10 years I am only too aware of the courage and commitment our Armed Forces give on a daily basis in some of the most dangerous places on earth. HELP For HEROES allows us the opportunity to show in some small measure our gratitude for their Sacrifices.

We have incorporated several of the products which they sell, for your convenience we have these in stock to buy from us, if you decide to support this worth while cause we will replenish our holding stock, and match your donation pound for pound. In this way we can directly pass back double your donation to HELP For HEROES. 

Should you wish to follow the links at the bottom of ever page, it will allow you to go directly to the HELP For HEROES website where you can view the entire product range. You will also have the option to make a donation directly online through the secure HELP For HEROES donation page, please always try and remember to select the gift aid option, as this allows HELP for HEROES to claim another 28% of the value of your donation from the Treasury.

Once again i would like to say a big thank you to all our customers who have supported this campaign thus far, and hope we can continue to support a very worth while cause.



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Dimension ! – Spa of the month

Dimension One Spas are a world leading brand of Hot Tubs and a passion for innovation has driven the company for nearly three decades. In fact, D1 Hot Tubs hold over 30 patents; more than any other hot tub manufacturer. All this technology is designed to make your hot tub experience the ultimate indulgence, while being very simple to use. (see for more info)





The versatile Wayfarer hot tub features two distinctly different therapy seats. A deep, powerful therapy massage “for him,” which features our patented NeckFlex™ Jet Pillow and provides the ultimate in comfort for a wide range of users. And “for her”, there’s the not-so-deep therapy seat that offers a more subtle massage plus shoulder-top jets that target her aching shoulder muscles. The Wayfarer’s 44 jets offer a powerful yet soothing massage.

Dimensions: 83″L x 83″W x 36″H/ 211 cm x 211 cm x 91 cm




 As usual with our tub of the month, the Wayfarer benefits from a spectacular price deal.

Any Wayfarer ordered in July will have £1195 slashed from its price!


 That’s enough money saved to run the spa for nearly 6 years!!!!

(Based on manufacturers figures of £17 a month)


For more information, or to place an order, please contact Ollie on 01622 795137 or email






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Weather Forcast for week Commencing 14th July

After some warmth in the south and east at first, a cold front will slip south across the UK introducing cooler conditions.

From mid-week onwards a cyclonic west or north-westerly airflow will bring a scattering of showers. Rainfall amounts are expected to be above average for the time of year in the north and west, where it will also be very windy at first.

Sheltered eastern parts of the UK will see normal amounts of rain for the time of year and the best of any brightness. Elsewhere can expect more cloud than sunshine but there will be some sunny spells in between the showers.

Temperatures may get as high as 25C in the southeast at first but by the end of the week this will drop to a a slightly below average 20C for the time of year.

Confidence in the forecast is high for the generally unsettled theme, not so for the detail on cloud amounts and rainfall.

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At a family pool party there is always the risk of the odd uninvited guest.

But few could be as unwelcome as a very large bull.

Just as the Stewart family were readying themselves for their first dip in the pool, the beast careered down the hill and plunged into the water.

The pool at Kinaldy farm house near St Andrews, Fife, had only just been filled with ten thousand gallons of water.

Jamie Stewart had to cancel the party after the unexpected christening of the pool, which then became the focus of a major operation to pump out the water before the animal was tranquilised and removed with a mechanical digger.

Mr Stewart said: “I had just signed off the pool with Alba pools and the kids were looking forward to trying it out at tea time.

“But the next thing I knew, there was a tremendous commotion. A bull had escaped from a nearby field. It was chased by farmworkers into a nearby forest but then it turned and chased the farmworkers. The animal careered down the hill towards our house and my partner, Gillian, who runs the Acorn nursery at the farm had to evacuate the children as a precaution.”

He added, “The bull did not look too happy as it crashed into a barn shed and came out the other side before diving into our new pool. It was definitely an 8.5 out of 10 dive. I couldn’t believe it. It’s not every day you see a bull in your pool. The kids had been looking forward to trying out the new pool but they quickly saw the funny side.”

Mr Stewart summoned the fire brigade who pumped out the water that had only been put into the pool on Friday.

Mr Stewart said: “Quite a crowd gathered to watch the delicate operation to remove the bull from the pool. It was bit agitated but quite a strong swimmer. The vet had to shoot it twice with a dart gun before it conked out.

“They then managed to get straps underneath the animal and it was lifted out by a digger with a front lift.

“The solar covering on the pool has taken a bit if a battering and the bottom is a bit scraped but otherwise it appears to be OK. At the end of the day it was a pretty funny incident although not one that we would want to repeat.”


Reproduced from an article taken from the Daily Telegraph.

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New solar concentrators could replace solar panels

A new compact method utilizing solar concentrators to generate electricity could make solar panels that contain expensive photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity a thing of the past.

Solar concentrators can be used to increase the electrical power obtained from the photovoltaic cells. But most concentrators in use today “track the sun to generate high optical intensities, often by using large mobile mirrors that are expensive to deploy and maintain,” said MIT’s Marc A. Baldo, who led the team that created the new type of solar concentrator.

Instead of covering a large area with solar cells, the new method only requires locating cells around the edges of a flat glass panel.

The MIT solar concentrator involves a mixture of two or more dyes painted onto a pane of glass or plastic. The dyes absorb light across a range of wavelengths, re-emit it at a different wavelength and transport it across the pane to the solar cells at the edges.

“Light is collected over a large area [like a window] and gathered, or concentrated, at the edges,” Baldo said.

Focusing the light like this increases the electrical power generated by each solar cell “by a factor of 40,” he added.

Scientists had tried using similar solar concentrators in the 1970s, but abandoned the idea when not enough of the collected light reached the edges of the concentrator. The MIT engineers revamped the idea by using a mixture of dyes in specific ratios, which allows some level of control over how the light is transmitted.

Follow this link for more information.

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New 97% Efficient Certikin Genie Boiler – (it’s Green, it’s Lean!)

As we all know the cost of all fuels is rising faster than your average Sputnik, so it is refreshing to see new products emerge onto the market for the Swimming Pool Industry.

The Genie Boiler is one such product; Direct fired gas condensing pool heater, that delivers a staggering 97% efficiency. Try and compare that with the traditional pool boilers which struggle to achieve 83%, and generally run a lot lower. This difference in efficiency isn’t just 14%, its far more. Try and image a big £1 bag of Natural Gas! Well the Genie will only waste 3p of that bag of gas compared to 17p from the conventional boilers. So for every £1 bag of gas you save 14p now that may not sound much, but try adding it up. Lets say the average boiler uses £2.50 worth of gas every hour, so the Genie will save you 42p per hour, say you run your heater for 6 hours a day, you would save £2.52 a day, 7 days £17.64, 20 week traditional British swimming season £352.80 saved!

Obviously there is an initial cost difference of around £600, but the facts are that in years 2-3 you will be looking to actually save money, and that’s assuming you don’t have the pleasure like myself of being blessed with a wife who will only swim in water normally considered adequate for a Hot Tub :)

Consider also the facts that the genie boiler can be wall mounted due to it’s light weight construction, it can be linked with more Genie boilers to heat larger pools, has a digital display with fully programmable settings, The Flue can be horizontally fitted to allow exit through a plant room wall rather than bringing the flue out of the pool plant room roof, and that the warm flue gases are able to be piped through plastic flue pipe to further reduce installation costs. The list just goes on and on, this boiler is so advanced that as your pool water reaches your desired temperature, it starts to cut back on the amount of gas it uses so that it doesn’t over shoot the set point, so eliminating another portion of wasted gas, did i mention it’s green?

The Certikin Genie boiler, good for the enviroment (reduces CO2 emmissions by over 20%), Good for your Pocket! Follow this link to view the boilers.


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