Next Generation of Test Tablets


Finally Blue Horizon have brought test tablets into the 21st Century. I am sure many of you have experienced the annoyance, when trying to tear the foil on the water test tablet that either you touch the tablet (bad times!) or you end up tearing the seal on the next tablet too! Well fret no more, as Blue Horizon have re-invented the wheel when it comes to swimming pool water test tablets!


Their Innovative ‘Blister Pack’ design allows each tablet to be easily popped-out of the packaging, so eliminating the problem of contaminating the tablet with natural oils from your skin which effects the test results, or wasting the neighbouring tablet.

These handy packs have been flying off the shelves as they contain 30 DPD1 tablets & 30 Phenol red’s. And prices at £3.99, they are fantastic value for money.

Follow this link to go the Blue Horizons Blister packs

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