New 97% Efficient Certikin Genie Boiler – (it’s Green, it’s Lean!)

As we all know the cost of all fuels is rising faster than your average Sputnik, so it is refreshing to see new products emerge onto the market for the Swimming Pool Industry.

The Genie Boiler is one such product; Direct fired gas condensing pool heater, that delivers a staggering 97% efficiency. Try and compare that with the traditional pool boilers which struggle to achieve 83%, and generally run a lot lower. This difference in efficiency isn’t just 14%, its far more. Try and image a big £1 bag of Natural Gas! Well the Genie will only waste 3p of that bag of gas compared to 17p from the conventional boilers. So for every £1 bag of gas you save 14p now that may not sound much, but try adding it up. Lets say the average boiler uses £2.50 worth of gas every hour, so the Genie will save you 42p per hour, say you run your heater for 6 hours a day, you would save £2.52 a day, 7 days £17.64, 20 week traditional British swimming season £352.80 saved!

Obviously there is an initial cost difference of around £600, but the facts are that in years 2-3 you will be looking to actually save money, and that’s assuming you don’t have the pleasure like myself of being blessed with a wife who will only swim in water normally considered adequate for a Hot Tub :)

Consider also the facts that the genie boiler can be wall mounted due to it’s light weight construction, it can be linked with more Genie boilers to heat larger pools, has a digital display with fully programmable settings, The Flue can be horizontally fitted to allow exit through a plant room wall rather than bringing the flue out of the pool plant room roof, and that the warm flue gases are able to be piped through plastic flue pipe to further reduce installation costs. The list just goes on and on, this boiler is so advanced that as your pool water reaches your desired temperature, it starts to cut back on the amount of gas it uses so that it doesn’t over shoot the set point, so eliminating another portion of wasted gas, did i mention it’s green?

The Certikin Genie boiler, good for the enviroment (reduces CO2 emmissions by over 20%), Good for your Pocket! Follow this link to view the boilers.


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