Keep warm this Winter by relaxing in a hot tub

We realise that for some people, Autumn and Winter can be a rather depressing and sombre time of year. We get it. The sting of closing your pool is still fresh (like the weather). But at UK Pool Store, we have more of a ‘glass half full’ mentality.

With your pools now covered up for the season, there are other ways to enjoy a relaxing soak outside. This is the time of year we like to remind people of the benefits of having a hot tub! And there are many! But we know what you’re thinking – there’s a huge financial cost to owning a hot tub and where would you even put it? Well, with our fantastic range of inflatable spas, owning a hot tub is now accessible for everyone.

So, how can you benefit from investing in hot tub spas?

Stay mobile

Space is always in demand, and the majority of us don’t have the spare acreage in our back garden to accommodate a hot tub spa. But with the Intex PureSpa you can put them up and take them down wherever and whenever you want. These inflatable tubs create the ultimate affordable spa experience from the comfort of your home. You can even take them with you on your next camping trip and enjoy a warm soak, whilst being surrounded by thousands of therapeutic bubbles. The ultimate comfort on the move.

Manufacturer note: if the ambient temperature is below 4C then it’s recommend not to use the spa.

Health benefits

We all know how ridiculously relaxing soaking in a hot tub is, but did you know there are many awesome health benefits to using hot tubs? Just another reason why you need to invest! These benefits include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Eases muscle pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep
  • Lowers blood sugar for those suffering from type 2 diabetes
  • Help reduce headaches

All our hot tubs and spas offer the ultimate experience in spa relaxation. Our Nordic Cove Impulse Spa is like owning your very own hydrotherapy spa at home, and you will really feel the benefits of relieving some of that stress after a hard day at work.

Did you know? To achieve the ultimate state of relaxation, we stock an aromatic range of Spa Fragrances that you can simply add to your water and chill out with.

Forget the weather

Any reason to put your swimming costume on and enjoy a dip outside then we’re in! And with a hot tub, you really don’t need to fret about what the British weather has in store. Feel like an Icelandic and enjoy a warm, relaxing and therapeutic soak in the great outdoors.

Hot tubs and spas may seem like a Summer activity and something to enjoy with some drinks and friends. But what’s stopping you enjoying yourself and being social in Winter? There’s no need to hibernate. Feel like an Icelander and enjoy a warm dip in the cold, refreshing air.

We’d recommend our Hot Tub range if you want to enjoy the bubbles outside in the cold. Our Inflatable spas are suggested by the manufacture to not be used in lower temperatures – although this doesn’t stop you from using them indoors if you have the space!

blue lagoon


As we’ve mentioned, hot tub spas are not seen as far reaching anymore. They don’t have to be a permanent feature in your garden, that takes up loads of room and are difficult to maintain. All our Hot Tub Spas really are at an affordable price for what you get back in return.

Our inflatable spas start from £599!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our fantastic range of Hot Tubs and Spa pools now and be warm this Winter!

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