Domestic Solar Water Heating – The Myth?

We at UKPoolstore are asked about the “Solar heating” options for Swimming Pools almost daily, and we have just finished installing a Roth solar heating system on our display pool at our Notcutt’s display site.

What we can say is that for Swimming Pools, there can be a sizable reduction in heating costs on an annual Pool if the Solar heating system is firstly correctly sized, and secondly the customer opts for the Electronic package, which allows the water to be controlled to and from the panels. In the fully automatic mode, Solar heating can work very well on a Domestic Pool, although the initial outlay may well be around the £1,500 mark, it is important to note that Pool heating costs on average for a 20 week season are around £500, giving you a pay-back time of around 3 years, compare that to Domestic water heating.


It is also interesting to note, In a extract from the Summer 2008 Journal of the water management society on the subject of Domestic Solar Water Heating, they comment: The average household pays about £1,000 a year for Gas & Electricity, most is used to heat the house; Hot water heating costing about £150 of the total. In the UK, solar water heating will reduce this figure by about a third, say £50. So with an initial outlay of about £5,000 the pay-back period would be 100 years. This takes no account of interest that would be lost if the money were invested, nor the interest on a loan if one were taken out. In addition there would be costs involved in servicing the system. So most households installing a solar water heating system would be around £200 a year WORSE off!

Gordon Brown has such an installation in his constituency home in Scotland; David Cameron has installed a wind turbine in his London home. This is called ‘gesture politics’, albeit expensive examples. :)

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