Blue Horizons – Boast System

UK Pool Store introduces Blue Horizons complete range of high quality Swimming Pool & Hot Tub chemicals.

Blue Horizon are an industry leader in water treatment, being one of Europe’s most innovative & successful chemical companies, they bring a vast depth of product knowledge & understanding to Swimming Pool & Hot Tub water chemistry

The patent pending BOAST system incorporates a new concept in Swimming Pool & Hot Tub water chemistry management.

B – Balance your Swimming Pool water for bather comfort and maximum chemical efficiency

O – Oxidise to establish a sanitiser level then weekly to destroy waste compounds

A – Algae prevention, stop algae establishing themselves in your Swimming Pool water

S – Sanitise, maintain a constant sanitiser level to prevent and kill bacteria

T – Test your water frequently, you really don’t know what the levels are without testing


Blue Horizons complete range of chemicals all come with simple step by step instructions that take you through the BOAST system, allowing you the end user to fully understand the processes involved in have Crystal Clear water.

Their range of products is vast, covering all aspects of Pool and Hot Tub water management, allowing you to choose the chemicals that are best suited for you, and as you would expect, they use only the best quality grade chemical to create this premier brand.

UK POOL STORE has a full stock of all of these chemicals, so delivery is generally next working day.


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