Autumn weather? Don’t close the pool just yet!

Where did the summer go, folks?! At the time of writing, we’ve had some absolutely miserable weather, which is a real shame; not the August we’ve been hoping for! I suspect many of you reading this may be thinking that the dreaded pool closing time is drawing near, because let’s face it, the reason we own pools is to be able to use them!

So, fear not, dear readers, I am about to share some ideas for how we can all prolong the swimming season and get the absolute most out of the pool!

The deciding factors

There’s a whole host of reasons why someone might be deciding it’s time to close their pool for the year; maybe it’s a financial decision or maybe you spend your autumns abroad? Normally though, it will be the same deciding factors for all of us. It’s too cold, the kids are back at school and LEAVES… all those unwelcome leaves.

Credit: Constantin Jurcut

It’s too cold!

No it isn’t! One of the world’s most amazing outdoor ‘pool’ experience is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. You hopefully already know this, but Iceland is cold. The Blue Lagoon, however, is hot, kind of like an outdoor bath. The cold air on your face and the warmth of the water is a unique and incredible experience.

Credit: Tippers Pritchard

So, how can we achieve this at home? We need to make sure our pool is well heated. A warm pool can be amazing on a cooler autumn or even winters day.

We previously wrote a blog about heaters, which can be found here. Or, check out the UK Pool Store website for our range of heaters.


I know, I know. Leaves are a nightmare. I’m not going to lie, keeping your pool open a bit longer will require a bit of effort, but it’s well worth it. Not just for the extra opportunities to relax and get the most out of your investment, but the health benefits of having a daily swim.

Firstly, you’ll want a good cover for you pool. A good cover is going to provide 3 key things:

  • Protection from leaves and other garden debris
  • Safety
  • Increased thermal insulation, helping to keep the pool warm

Check our or range of covers here… Whether you’ve got an above ground on in-ground pool, we’ll have a cover for you!

Secondly, for when the cover comes off, you’ll want a good leaf skimmer. It’s a simple tool, and it makes for a great ‘pocket money chore’ for the kids!

But… the kids are back at school!?

Hear that? That’s the sound of silence. For those of you who are at home whilst the kids are at school, now could be your chance to enjoy the pool all to yourself. However, let me give you another idea for making the most of those cooler autumn and winter evenings, without the kids…. A hot tub.

Soho Inflatable Spa

I know I mention them a lot, but my life changed when I installed mine. It’s honestly the best purchase I’ve made. On a colder night, nothing beats warming up in the bubbly environment of the Jacuzzi… knowing it’s affordable is even better.

So don’t pack up the pool just yet. There’s enjoyment to be had still. However check back to the blog in the next few weeks, when we will be giving you a guide to closing the pool.

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