At a family pool party there is always the risk of the odd uninvited guest.

But few could be as unwelcome as a very large bull.

Just as the Stewart family were readying themselves for their first dip in the pool, the beast careered down the hill and plunged into the water.

The pool at Kinaldy farm house near St Andrews, Fife, had only just been filled with ten thousand gallons of water.

Jamie Stewart had to cancel the party after the unexpected christening of the pool, which then became the focus of a major operation to pump out the water before the animal was tranquilised and removed with a mechanical digger.

Mr Stewart said: “I had just signed off the pool with Alba pools and the kids were looking forward to trying it out at tea time.

“But the next thing I knew, there was a tremendous commotion. A bull had escaped from a nearby field. It was chased by farmworkers into a nearby forest but then it turned and chased the farmworkers. The animal careered down the hill towards our house and my partner, Gillian, who runs the Acorn nursery at the farm had to evacuate the children as a precaution.”

He added, “The bull did not look too happy as it crashed into a barn shed and came out the other side before diving into our new pool. It was definitely an 8.5 out of 10 dive. I couldn’t believe it. It’s not every day you see a bull in your pool. The kids had been looking forward to trying out the new pool but they quickly saw the funny side.”

Mr Stewart summoned the fire brigade who pumped out the water that had only been put into the pool on Friday.

Mr Stewart said: “Quite a crowd gathered to watch the delicate operation to remove the bull from the pool. It was bit agitated but quite a strong swimmer. The vet had to shoot it twice with a dart gun before it conked out.

“They then managed to get straps underneath the animal and it was lifted out by a digger with a front lift.

“The solar covering on the pool has taken a bit if a battering and the bottom is a bit scraped but otherwise it appears to be OK. At the end of the day it was a pretty funny incident although not one that we would want to repeat.”


Reproduced from an article taken from the Daily Telegraph.

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