Concrete Block & Liner Pool

Swimming Pool Kit - Part 1 - Pipework & Flow Equipment

The pool pipework and flow fittings make up the first part of your 4 part order to complete your DIY pool ...

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Swimming Pool Kit - Part 2 - Pump & Filter Pack

The pool pump & filter make up the second part of your 4 part order to complete your DIY pool kit. ...

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Swimming Pool Kit - Part 3 - Liners

These liners are manufactured by Plastica, who have been making high quality liners since 1976. The liners come with a 5 ...

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Swimming Pool Kit - Part 4 - Coping Stones

The pool coping stones are the finishing touch to your new pool. Manufactured By Senlac near Hastings, these British made coping ...

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Swimming Pool Self Build

Our range of self build swimming pool kits means that you can now really relax in the garden during summer with family and friends with the advantage of a DIY swimming pool in your garden. No need to run around taking trips to the beach when your own swimming pool is in your garden heated, clean and ready for hours of endlesss fun, fantastic fun for the children.

There are various DIY swimming pool kits availble including

Block And Liner Pool Kits

Your pool will be dug to a predefined shape and depth minimising the amount of soil that has to be removed, but also maximising the swimming area.

Construction of your block and liner swimming pool
-The walls are constructed from solid concrete blocks and form the shape of the pool. These and the floor are then rendered and covered with a tailor made, very strong and flexible vinyl liner which can be supplied in different patterns and colours.
-The surround of the pool is then finished, as with all our pools, with coping stones forming the edge of the pool and then either paving stones or decking is laid around the pool side to complete the pool area.
-This type of pool is suited to the more competent DIY enthusiast, although obviously different jobs can be contracted out to make it easier, such as the plastering to ensure a smooth finish.
- For further advice on how to build your pool and source any further pool accessories or building equipment required please ring our customer services team who will be more than happy to help you with your project.

Polymer Panel Pool Kits

The dig for the pool is the same as the block & liner pool, however the walls are pre-formed in easy to assemble polymer panels available for rectangular or round pools and the whole pool can be up and ready for swimming in 10 days.

- The main advantage of this type of DIY swimming pool is that no block laying skills are required. The system is quick and easy to install and you could be swimming in the pool you built in just over a week!
- The panels are moulded in a high strength all-resin structural polymer, which will never corrode or degrade. The wall panels are locked together and supported by structural resin braces located at every panel joint. These braces provide deck support and are set into concrete ring beams at the top and bottom for maximum strength and stability.
- The flexibility of this kit system allows you to design the very best pool for your own particular needs and space. All the pools can have a shallow and deep end or a constant depth.
- You can also have part of the pool above ground making it easy to insert into a multi level garden or landscaping with decking terraces.

Swimming Pool Coping Stones

UK Pool Store have a range of swimming pool coping stones all selected to improve the look of your swimming pool self build project. Our swimming pool coping stones are availble in various materials, shapes and sizes. If you are unsure of what you require please contact us direct and a member of our team will assist.

Swimming Pool Step Units

We supply a large range of fittings for swimming pools, from built in steps, known as roman ends, to a range of ladders, counter current units known as fluvo units that supply a jet of water to swim against, pool paints, plaster type finishes and coping stones. Everything that will give your pool the unique finish and individual touch.

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